Medicare supplement plans also called Medigap policy is something extra than the original Medicare insurance. It is the extension of the coverage provided by the original Medicare policy. Medigap policy goes an extra mile to secure your future by giving you an extra cover over the Medicare policy. For example, suppose your ambulance bill, which is about four thousand dollars, is covered by your Medicare insurance. But, the Medicare only covers about eighty percent of that bill but if you get a Medigap policy, it will cover the remaining twenty percent as well.

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So, in a way it can be said that Medigap policies completes the Medicare insurances.

Medicare Supplement plan

Medicare Part A and Part B

Before going further to understand the Medicare supplement plans and how do they work together it is better for you to first understand about the two most essential parts of Medicare insurance which are: –

  • Medicare Part A which covers all your hospital expenses. It ranges from your hospitalization to nursing as well. However, it does not include the custodial nursing. It is pivot of Medicare insurance because most of the expenses in the healthcare sector are made during the hospitalization.

In order to qualify for premium free part A, it is required that you or your spouse has paid taxes for at least ten years. But, in most cases people have to pay monthly premium.

  • Medicare Part B covers your health insurance. It will cover all the medical necessary expenses such as doctor fees, x-ray fees, cancer test and flu tests etc. It also includes expenses of medical equipment such as a wheelchair which is necessary for your physical well being. And in case of Part B it is mandatory to pay your premium even if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan.

How Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare linked?

As already explained Medigap being extension of Medicare, it is also necessary to point out that Medigap policy is not a standalone policy and can only be bought if you have a Medicare policy. In fact, it is binding by law by the entire private companies that if they want to sell you Medicare Supplement Plans then first they have to present in front of you Part A and Part B of Medicare plan!  If the private company do not abide by this particular law, then the insurance that they sell you will not be enforceable.