How to find free help for low-income seniors?


Nowadays many seniors are living on low incomes. Their major finance sources are social security, a small pension or some form of assistance from the government side. It will always be beneficial to find services for free and discounted rates with few resources. You may inquire in many of the old age homes of the office for aging where you will be able to find different service available at free or discounted price.


Free and discounted service for seniors and their caregivers


Benefits of counseling


Try to figure out, what all options are available with you. There is free counseling office also that will help in getting this type of assistance to adjust your finance. You can find your answer in the form of health insurance, food stamps, and other services with the help of these counselors. It’s not always about spending a hefty amount in order to render the service. Act wisely, there are much more options available at cheap prices but there are 2019 medicare advantage plans which are helpful.


Adult care center


There are many adult daycares that are operational by the government, charity and religious places. Here, they are providing seniors with good meals and facilitate them in spending a good day rather than being alone. These care centers generally demand nominal charges, so it’s not going to make a big hole in your finance.  They may also provide you a space to spend your day but will ask you to bring your own meals and utilities. Before enrolling your seniors, make a thorough inquiry regarding fee and services.


Free dentures


This is one of the most important utilities for the senior group and various type of charges are bankable for its fixation. You can try by contacting the government hospitals or state dental associations to find the place for free dentures. There are many hospitals which are providing free or low-cost dental programmes. You will get the contact of these hospitals simply by searching on the internet or make a visit to state dental association. After doing basic formalities, these options will be available for you at minimal cost and it’ll save your modest finance.


Family caregiver support programs


There programs as offered by government and some volunteer organizations. These caregivers are well trained and will provide care and counseling to their elders. They will also look after the physical and emotional wellbeing of the seniors. They are not to replace your efforts but just to make some extra addition from their side.