Did you ever think you’d see the day that drones would be flying around the sky taking beautiful, high quality pictures and videos from up above? Technology has come a long way since the days of toy cars, even remote control ones. Now we have small remote control rotary aircraft powered by our smart phones and capturing stunning images from the sky. What a time to be alive.


If you ever got into playing video games, ones more sophisticated than Atari’s classic Pong, you might be closer to being able to handle one of today’s smart drones than you think. Using just a smart phone connected to a remote control, an app on the phone controls the drone and shows you everything its high quality camera can see. This allows you to take pictures and videos of whatever it sees and create beautiful photos to enjoy yourself or even sell to others. That’s one way to spend your time other than researching Medicare supplement plans.

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Aside from the immense amount of technology that goes into these drones these days, it could also be pretty nostalgic and bring you back to your childhood days of flying model planes. It’s certainly a fun experience that would bring out the inner kid in anyone, and makes for a fantastic hobby during retirement.

If you’re really talented you could make a nice little income from it. Sell pictures and videos of property to Real Estate agents looking to showcase their listings in a new and fascinating way. Sell images as stock photos or license them out online for people to use for their businesses. Hang out at events and take breathtaking shots from above and sell them to the event organizers to market their event with in the future.


There are a multitude of ways to enjoy using a drone today, including making money from it. If you can stomach the cost of one, along with the cost of a smart phone, there are relatively few other costs associated with it. You might even want to get your drone pilot’s license if you get real serious about it and want to make money with it. Either way, it’s a great hobby to have and a great way to occupy your time, particularly if you also like to travel. A drone will let you see places you visit in ways you never could have imagined before.