In retirement you may be finding yourself with some extra time on your hands, even feeling bored at times. To keep yourself occupied and having fun, try some fun, new ideas that you just may want to turn into your latest hobby. Some Medicare supplement plans could even help with planning in some cases.



Try your hand at drawing or painting for a fun activity that could also be therapeutic for you. Find inspiration to paint from objects around the house, beautiful sceneries outside, or try to replicate existing pictures. Painting can be very relaxing and a great way to relieve stress. A beautiful finished product can be enjoyed in your home or given to friends or family, or you might even be able to sell it!



Biking doesn’t have to be a competitive sport, it may also be a relaxing way to get out of the house and see the beauty of your neighborhood or city. If you like adventure, explore trails or scenic paths on the bike. Use it to get across town for some nice exercise and fresh air, instead of taking the car.



Hone your picture taking skills while spending time exploring and enjoying beautiful sceneries all at the same time. Photography can be as easy as taking pictures of things you like, or as skill intensive as mastering the art of light and shadow. Regardless of how intense you want to get, it’s a fun hobby to take up and could even lead to some extra money in your pocket if people like your work.

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Perhaps you’re an imaginative story teller, or have some great knowledge or experience you want to document. Writing can also be very therapeutic and stress relieving, while the finished product could be enjoyable for you and your family or even sold. It doesn’t have to be a whole book. You could write articles on a certain topic of interest, short stories, a how-to guide, or keep a blog online of a special interest.



If you have a particular skill set or knowledge of a topic, it could be very enjoyable to teach a course on it. You don’t have to go all out and become a teacher, unless you want to do that. You can write down your course teachings and offer it online for those who are interested in your experience. Offer it for free or write an e-book to sell.