Are you planning to get Medicare Supplement insurance? If yes, they are known as Medigap plans that are Medicare Supplement plans. It pays the costs that have to be spent from the pocket for services uncovered by Original Medicare (Part A and B). Thus, it is crucial to select Medicare supplement plans that fit the needs of your health-care.

Medicare supplement plans have 10 standardized plans in each state and this excludes Wisconsin, Minnesota and Massachusetts as they have individual versions. Each plan is designated with a letter and is sold across the country by private insurance companies. The fact is that different insurers come with different prices, but the Medigap plan benefits are the same and standardized across the same letter. It also means that the Medigap Plan F coverage for instance will remain identical, from any insurance provider you buy.

Medicare Supplement Plans G, F and N provide mostly similar benefits, only with very few differences.

Plan F

This is a well-liked choice offering more coverage than other Medicare Supplement plans. It also includes Plan F, a high-deductible insurance plan with similar benefits as in standard Plan F, but wants you to give out of pocket a certain amount prior to the starting of the coverage.

Plan F benefits include:

  • Part A Medicare deductible
  • Part A Medicare-hospital and coinsurance amounts for more 365 days after using up Medicare benefits.
  • Part A Medicare copayment, coinsurance or hospice care
  • Part B Medicare copayment or coinsurance
  • Part B Medicare deductible
  • Part B Medicare excess charges
  • Blood first three pints
  • Foreign travel coverage during emergency
  • Skilled nursing facility

On choosing Plan F high-deductible, you need to pay for Original Medicare costs from your pocket until reaching ($2,180 in 2016), a designated amount that is prior to your policy paying anything. However, with the high deductible amount, your monthly premium becomes lower than the regular Plan F.

Medigap Plan F offers utmost benefits and so it is well accepted by people. However, usually it is expensive. This is not the case always and so you may shop by comparing and get a suitable plan that is best for you.

You may also find other Aetna Medicare supplement Plan G featuring lower premiums in comparison to Plan F. However, if you visit your doctor frequently or spend from your pocket often, Plan F is the best in association with Traditional Medicare costs.